Flashback: Jeffery Straker at the cabin

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Buffalo Pound

flashback /ˈflæʃ.bæk/ – a blog post that goes back to events in the past 🙂

I’ve been adding some old photos from 2012 and 2013 as (backdated) blog posts with galleries. One was really deserving of writing a flashback for: a weekend with friends at the lake and Jeffery Straker performing!

Our friend Randi organized a deck concert in July 2013 at her cabin at Buffalo Pound and we were invited to come stay the weekend with our motorhome.

We ended up having a blast with the Hartwells, their family and friends and a concert to boot. This was the first in a tradition of camping-at-the-Hartwell-cabin that we have loved to continue. The company is inviting and fun, the views are the best!

Please check out this (backdated) blog about that weekend and how we liked singer-songwriter Jeffery Straker, with dozens of beautiful photos of the lake views, the pelicans, Jeffery and oh we even got some northern lights:

Blog and photos: Jeffery Straker And Hartwell Cabin Weekend

Jeffery Straker deck concert, Hartwell Cabin, Valley View, Buffalo Pound
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