BC trip – Fintry, Westbank (Kelowna)

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Tuesday August 31st, Clearwater – Fintry Provincial Park

Today we left Clearwater to drive back south again on the 5 to Kamloops and the 1 to the east, but only until the sign for Vernon where we turned south again on the 97. This road was smaller and way more beautiful then I expected (even in the constant light rain). On the Salmon River Rd we turned left to visit Chantal and Suus in Glenemma. Their house and the location are just awesome, what a great place to start their new life in Canada (they arrived a month ago)! We chatted the hours away and around 5 we went just a bit to the north to visit Petra in Yankee Flats. I know her from decades ago when she had a rock bar in my hometown Eindhoven. Didn’t stay in touch, but learned a few years ago from Els that she had moved to Canada. I got in touch with her and today was the first time we saw each other again after so many years! She had recently moved to this house overlooking the Salmon River valley, what a view (and it wasn’t raining anymore)! We couldn’t stay long, we wanted to be in Fintry (at least an hour away) before dark. It was a beautiful drive with some stunning views over the huge Okanagan Lake. We found our campsite while it was almost dark, but sat outside for a while to take in the amazing view over the lake (the lights of Vernon on the opposite site), right from our picnic table!! Very eager to find out the view tomorrow!

Wednesday September 1st, Fintry Provincial Park

Today we spent the whole day in Fintry. WHAT A VIEW!! As nice as Dutch Lake was, this is the real thing. Campsite in the forest, but with the view on the lake. This totally reminded us of Crete. Just with pine trees ๐Ÿ˜‰ Without doubt THE most beautiful campsite we ever had anywhere.

In the morning I chatted with the camp hosts, who are the in-laws of my online friend Linda, who we had planned to meet now, but she ended up being on vacation herself. In the afternoon our friends John and Diana from our previous town Heerlen came to visit, they moved to Canada last March. So great to be reunited on this side of the big pond!! We had a blast with them, we just hung out at our campsite and also walked through the park. There had been a bear sighting in the morning, but we didn’t see any.

And I don’t know how often I have sighed “whoa, what a view…” today…. ๐Ÿ™‚
I want to live in BC some day!

Thursday September 2nd, Fintry – Westbank (Kelowna)

Another quality day with John and Diana! We drove from Fintry to Westbank and again had some stunning views over Okanagan Lake. We parked in front of their place, unfortunately not without problems though. While turning into the spot, we touched one of the jetskies on a trailer that was parked there and scraped the side of the RV. There was a bit of damage to the jetski and the cover, so we had to pay for that (esp the cover was expensive, total was over $300). We’ll just put some duct tape on our scrape and fill it with sealant back home.

Diana took us to Kelowna where we had breakfast at De Dutch, and to the Myra Canyon southeast of Kelowna, where you can find a part of the Kettle Valley Trail, an old railway track where you now can hike and bike. That was very impressive, the forest there had been burnt in 2003, but it was quite the view as you were very high on the mountain. Around 2 we had to be back in Kelowna as Diana had a job interview. Nico and I walked to the lake by the marina and the city park, we loved it! We also checked out the shopping area and at the end of the afternoon we went back to their place, where I’m updating this ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow we have a longer trip ahead of us, as we’re going to Nakusp. Not sure about our internet options there, so we might not update until in Kimberley 2 days later.

2 Comments on “BC trip – Fintry, Westbank (Kelowna)”

  1. Hello Marlies & Nico,

    It’s so nice to read all your adventures and the beautiful places you are visiting. The photos are wonderful and Fintry is such a beautiful place. Enjoy the rest of the trip and hopefully the weather will stay as nice as it is!

    Greetings from Vancouver,

  2. De foto’s bij de verhalen zijn zo leuk.
    Het geeft het verhaal een extra dimensie.
    Ik kan me zodoende goed in de reisverhalen verplaatsen.
    alsof we zelf aan het meer staan.
    Jaamer dat jullie soms niet iets langer op een plek kunnen blijven staan en zodoende jullie vrienden wat meer dagen kunnen bezoeken en bijkletsen.
    Maar goed, je hebt soms te weinig dagen en dan moet je gauw weer verder.
    Wat een mooie omgeving zeg!!!!
    Grappig om te lezen, dat e mensen na jaren weer ontmoet en dan weer uren met elkaar kan kletsen. Super leuk.

    Nou ik ga weer gauw verder met het lezen van de andere verhalen. Toppie!!
    Eigenlijk ben ik nu stiekem ook zelf een beetje op vakantie als ik dit lees. heerlijk om me even in Canada te wanen. Hihi…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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