Canada pics up!

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Finally it’s done………..

Four photo albums with hundreds of pics!!!!!!

» photo albums 2004/CANADA

I couldn’t go out last night so I had time to finish it. Last Friday I felt a sudden pain in my right calf and I think I have a little tear in my muscle now. I’ve had it before years ago and because I didn’t know what it was (I thought I just had a cramp) I continued to walk on it and after some days I couldn’t walk on it anymore for weeks! So I was scared…… I went home and have been cooling it since, and keeping my leg up as much as possible. Since the last time my right leg retains water more easily then the other (and it’s always thicker) and I have those special elastic medical stockings for it that give some pressure. I am wearing one of those too now, plus I’m gently stretching every now and then (applying all the things I learned too late last time). So far it’s going well, I can still walk on it. So I will go to work tomorrow and put the leg up again when I get back (or maybe even at work hehe). Looks like I’m going to get away with it a lot better than last time! But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed……

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