RIP Danny

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RIP Danny…

Danny passed away last night. He had been hopeful for the longest time, even though the prognoses were really bad (short). He even made me go home with hope and made me feel better for a while, even though I knew it wasn’t realistic. Just days ago I … » full post and pics!

need that vacation!

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Damn, do I need that vacation… October is definitely too late. When we booked in January we thought we’d plan a long weekend or something in the Eifel in the early summer, but we totally forgot that. Probably because we’ve been busy with some parts of the yard around that … » full post and pics!

already planning the vacation!

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Yep we’ve started to plan our next vacation, we’re going back to Canada in October! We have some options at flights and car rentals, we’re gonna book them this afternoon. We’ll be flying to Calgary on October 7th, have a big road trip and on the 27th we’ll fly back from Calgary … » full post and pics!