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house sold!And.. house sold!! Well, we still have to sign the contract and all, but the first viewers did a bid and we have come to an agreement! And we can stay here until the end of February at the latest. Wow… 4 appointments in one week and sold to the first viewers – more than we dared to hope for! Although I KNEW all along it would go like this. I did! But I thought it was wishful thinking or maybe because we were the first viewers back when we bought it… but no… it was once again my impeccable female intuition, HA!

Last weekend we were at our beloved ProgPower festival in Baarlo. It was awesome to see the whole PP “family” again (Dutch, Swedes, Germans – you know who you are). A slight migraine kept me from going indoors a lot, so I sat outside with a soda for the most part, chatting, but that was no punishment with the beautiful weather! I did see Meyvn’s whole show on Sunday and the 2nd band I really wanted to see was the last band, Jon Oliva’s Pain. My migraine seemed to disappear during that show and I was able to attend the after party and finally have some beers – we rolled out of the venue with organizer René when they closed down at 5.30am! What a party!! Thanks René for the goodbye speech!
We will miss all these people a lot, for the organization, crew and the international visitors grew into a pretty unique and tight-knit family over the years and I hope we can afford to come back every now and then once we live in Canada! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Check back soon for pictures!!

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5 Comments on “house sold! / ProgPower”

  1. ha die nico en marlies;jouw kennen we vanop de foto`s en het overheerlijke draadjesvlees(goulash)zoals onze nico het noemt.ja,ja,t’is bijna 2u,dus nog 5 te gaan,we wensen jullie fijne vrije dagen en nico;`gedraag je he`,groetjes van de nachtuiltjes.

  2. schrkken dat mijn oud buurnmeisje 😛 weggaat naar Canada, terwijl ik ze net tergu vind samen met nico.. gewoon een kus en knuf van mij,, eh if you still know me

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