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Had a good case of saskmetalitis this morning, but what are days off for eh? Even though I was planning to hit the shower, go for groceries and work a LOT on several sites. After hours of sitting here in my nightie (getting damn cold feet, brr) and not even breakfast, I better start doing something in a minute.

Yesterday was a holiday and the city hall is closed today as well, so yay! Extra day off 🙂 Been doing some stuff outside yesterday, it was soooooooooo nice out there! Sunny and 23°C or something. Got some bad news too though. One of our best friends, Thorsten (we call him T) from Frankfurt is in the hospital, intensive care even. He has this chronic disease (colitis ulcerosa) and he had a bad setback last weekend. Not responding well on medication and he’s gotten worse even. They might operate but are still waiting a few more days, since he’s a little young (25) to have a big chunk of his bowels removed and probably ending up with a stoma….. Help me send positive vibes over, people. I feel very helpless, knowing someone we love is lying there so sick and we can’t even get in touch with him directly 😕 His gf said he’s hardly responding to visitors. Damn he’s always full of stupid stuff no matter what, he must be really dead sick 😥

Today is rainy so far, maybe it gets better later on….Oh, and I’ve also been looking into the Mambo thing too. I’ve installed this CMS (Content Management System) to hopefully turn it into a database driven webzine, but I’m not sure if I’ll find all I need for it. There’s a MamboZine in the works, maybe I should wait for that??!

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