March 11: MINUS 35° Celcius / March 14: PLUS 3° Celcius!!

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That’s Saskatchewan for ya! 3 days ago it was Regina’s coldest March 11 ever recorded, with -35°C (-45 windchill). And today it’s +3 and spring is in the air!! We went for a ride to Regina Beach, we saw snow kiteboarders just north of Regina and there was an ice fishing derby on Last Mountain Lake. When we came home, we sat on the deck in the sun for a while! Apparently Saskatchewan has had the coldest winter in 30 years, but we’ve enjoyed most of it. Winters are long here, but we’ve been OK, until this month. When March comes, you want spring to come – and today we came pretty close! 🙂

» photo album 2009/0314 ~ Kitesurfing, Ice Fishing

The last pic was from another day, BBQing in -20°C. The next pic too. Sundogs (parhelia, mock suns) can be seen on some really cold days… the extra sons were already gone, but the ‘rainbows’ were still there! Shot from my floor at work, on early Saturday morning one week ago.

And a movie that Cortney sent me a few days ago, filmed in 2007, of Spooky and Gizmo playing.

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One Comment on “March 11: MINUS 35° Celcius / March 14: PLUS 3° Celcius!!”

  1. Haha, das “squirrel alert”-Foto hat ja wohl den Charakter eines “Bild des Jahres” 🙂
    LG, /c

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