first snow / happy thanksgiving / but where is Spooky??

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SNOW! Yes we already had the first winter storm, which covered everything in a 10-15cm thick blanket of snow. But it’s too warm to stay, so it’s already melting. I’m posting a pic made at dawn this morning.

Happy thanksgiving! Today is thanksgiving here in Canada, but we already had our ‘turkey-dinner’ yesterday at the Stephenson’s. Sandra, Cortney and Tim, and Ryan were also there, and with the snowfall it seemed like Xmas 🙂 Thank you all!

All this is overshadowed by two things though… the smallest problem would be that I sprained a muscle in my back last Saturday. Getting around is hard, but I hope I can work tomorrow. A bigger problem is that Spooky didn’t come home last Saturday night. We can’t imagine she just ran off (she was starting to get along with the new ones, who BTW are doing very well), she might’ve been hurt, ill or captured, but we’re hoping she’s just been locked in somewhere and will be able to come back when most people’s working week starts tomorrow and people open up their garages again…

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