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Last weekend sucked…… I was able to go to the Brainstorm gig in Vosselaar with Cora on Friday with a mild migraine, but it apparently didn’t really start until then….. I ended up missing the other two gigs because it got nasty. @#$%^&*#% It’s their first headliner tour and I had only been looking forward to it for years 😥 Plus I still wanted to get a t-shirt and now I didn’t. Hopefully they’ve got some left after the tour… Luckily we did have a chance to chat for a bit before the Vosselaar gig.

Yesterday we went to Erkrath City get Cora and then to see Micke and Evergrey in Düsseldorf, even though I was still not 100% well after the migraine from last weekend. But it all turned out OK, more than OK! The gig was cool, James Labrie was so-so (voice was great but music not so much my thing) and we left shortly before the end, Micke took us into their bus to let us listen to Project Hate (he plays bass on the new CD) and some other projects of EG members. He also showed some hilarious parts of the upcoming DVD, man, that DVD is gonna kill all others!!!!!! The stuff they show… no matter how embarrassing, but it’s all there! Drunken times, LOTS of drunken times, teenage era footage (Henrik, oh my!!) and of course interviews and the theatre show in Gothenburg with strings, singers…. he showed the duet of Tom and his wife Carina from the first album, For Every Tear That Falls – awesome to actually see Carina on stage with them!

So we had a blast hanging with Micke and I’m glad I took today off 😉 Actually that was because we were having friends over, but they just cancelled. Let’s see what we’ll be doing then, but as long as we’re doing it at home and not go elsewhere for the weekend I’m good. I still need some rest.

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