Season’s Greetings!

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xmas card

Here’s our Xmas (email) message of this year! Happy holidays!

This past year has been the year of working towards the emigration, even though we didn’t move just yet. We hope to leave in the last week of February, if we get the work permit in time!

In the first … » full post and pics!

our Xmas email & card!

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Hello friends!

What a year it’s been.. or rather, these past months! This year it’s very hard to get into the Xmas spirit, because within two months time we lost two of our dearest friends in Regina, Canada (the city we want to move to) to cancer. Danny Stephenson passed … » full post and pics!


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Today kinda sucked.. not all of it, but a got a migraine that kept me from doing most of the things I intended to do today. I felt it a bit when I woke up, but it was better when I was up. Then I went to the store an … » full post and pics!