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Damn, do I need that vacation… October is definitely too late. When we booked in January we thought we’d plan a long weekend or something in the Eifel in the early summer, but we totally forgot that. Probably because we’ve been busy with some parts of the yard around that time. In July I realized I had hardly taken any vacation days yet, so I booked a few random days and an extra week after we get back from Canada. Even though I’d like to skip September and just go on vacation already, we do still have some fun things planned for this months. Concerts: Vanden Plas, Nevermore and the ProgPower festival. Anniversaries: our 10th wedding day on the 20th and my 43rd birthday on the 21st. On the 13th Els, Maurice and little Brian will be visiting us who we haven’t seen in a while, so I’m very much looking forward to that too.

We also had some fun visits recently.
A few weeks ago we went to visit Margret and Carel in Noordwijkerhout. I know Margret from a general Canada forum, last year we ended up being on Crete in the same period, so we met each other and spend a great day together. It clicked so well, that we really wanted to go visit them back in Holland again, and so in August we did. They had been to Canada again in June and we spent most of the weekend talking about Canada, watching lots of pics and some film too. Wonderful!! Sunday afternoon we went to the nearby coast to see a bit of the North Sea where we enjoyed the nice breeze and watched some kite surfers for a bit.

On the 25th we visited my dad, who got to be 88 the day before! Happy birthday daddy, you’re well on your way to become 100, just like my brother and I always predicted. My brother and his family were there too, so it was a great family day! We don’t see each other enough, I realized it had been a year since we saw them (we usually meet at our dad’s) and I don’t like that! We really should make more time for each other. At least we’ll have more quality time in October as they live close to the Amsterdam airport and we’ll be driving to their place on the day of departure (leaving the car there) and when we come back we will stay a night before we drive back home.

The next day Nico had early shift and at night we were supposed to go to Anneke and Cordy’s birthday party, but we sadly had to cancel, for something traumatic happened at Nico’s job that day that shook him up pretty bad. Not a good day to go to a party, so it was better to stay at home.

Last Sunday we visited Jos (my favourite cousin) and Hennie. We had great fun as always and they took us to a restaurant in Veldhoven (de Driesprong) which had great food, a homey atmosphere and the nicest people! Good times! We also took Jos’s digital video camera with us, for the Canada vacation. When we were at Margret’s we realized that you can capture the scenery there so much better that way, that it would be worth while to film some stuff next to taking lots of pics. Can’t wait, AARRRGGHHH!

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