already planning the vacation!

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Yep we’ve started to plan our next vacation, we’re going back to Canada in October! We have some options at flights and car rentals, we’re gonna book them this afternoon. We’ll be flying to Calgary on October 7th, have a big road trip and on the 27th we’ll fly back from Calgary (to Amsterdam BTW, so we have to deal with the hassles of taking the luggage in a train etc, but a shuttle taxi is way too expensive this time). The road trip will probably include Calgary, the Rockies (Banff/Jasper area mostly), Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina (where we will spend more time, also for some emigration orientation) and on our way back to Calgary we plan to visit Moose Jaw, Herbert and Drumheller. In most cities we have friends and/or Dutch emigrants to visit. We’ll have several addresses to stay in the cities, in the Rockies we’ll be looking for b&b. Yeeehaaah! 🙂

And what else have we been up to? Not much, only a week and a half ago we went to a bungalow park for a weekend. It was a cheap deal and a weekend get away is always good, no? 🙂 It was in Vlierden (Bospark de Bikkels) which is between Eindhoven and Venlo, pretty much in the middle of nowhere and near a nature reserve. We have some pics, but they’re not online yet, I hope soon 😉

Robin is a sugarcat / happy new year!
photo update / flights & car Canada booked!

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