Canada motorhome/NP plans – camper selling plans

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What’s new other than that? Not much…. we spend a LOT of time on internet sites about CANADA, the Banff and Jasper parks, esp the travel stories are SO helpful!!! We are so excited!!!!!!!!! And impatient to go there!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

Oh one thing that is new…. we are planning to sell our CAMPER in Monschau, if the campground boss is OK with that (he might want the thing removed if we’re not staying). Last weekend we again had to cancel a camping weekend because of rain. In the end it wasn’t too bad and we have been sitting in the yard a few times, and we had to realize that not camping isn’t as bad anymore as it used to be. With all the working weekends of Nico, the festivals, the unpredictable weather and other vacation plans we just don’t spend enough time over there. It’s too expensive that way 😕 We do want an alternative though!! We are sure that after our upcoming motorhome adventure, we’ll be spoiled for all other things after that. We want to sell the camper and buy a motorhome or something like that, maybe next year, maybe in two years, depends on what we want to buy and when we can afford it! In the meantime we’ll have fun in our beautiful yard, it’s so awesome and relaxing! And we can get away for weekends anyway, like renting something or maybe camping with the tent if the weather is really good. We’ll see! Anyway, it’s best that we don’t put anymore money in the camper and its yearly fees!

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