still waiting…

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Nico’s paperwork for his RN registration is being assessed by the SRNA right now and March 22nd he did the Academic IELTS test (official English test) in Utrecht. He’s not too positive about the outcome, for it was difficult and he didn’t have enough time for the writing module. We’re … » full post and pics!

update and plans for June

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Time for a little update!
After taking some time to deal with last year’s losses (I really took some rest in the holiday break and that helped a lot), we continued with our emigration plans after the holidays. For months Nico had been sent from pillar to post about whom … » full post and pics!

our Xmas email & card!

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Hello friends!

What a year it’s been.. or rather, these past months! This year it’s very hard to get into the Xmas spirit, because within two months time we lost two of our dearest friends in Regina, Canada (the city we want to move to) to cancer. Danny Stephenson passed … » full post and pics!